GRiZ @ Webster Hall 04/05/13...

Hailing from Detriot, Michigan, 21 year old producer/dj GRiZ has been generating quite a buzz all around the country.  He’s scheduled to play some huge festivals like Summer Camp (Illinois) and Electric Forest (Michigan) so when we heard that he was headlining his first ever Manhattan gig at Webster Hall, we made sure to get some quality coverage.

Before I speak about his performance, I need to speak about his fans.  Webster is usually bat-shit-crazy on the weekends, but GRiZ  brought with him a whole new breed of fans, 10 times more insane than your typical Webster wildlings.






Of all the shows I’ve been to, this was definitely a first.  Her hands are planted on the security railing.  Her feet are planted on the stage.  Let’s just say she wasn’t doing the crabwalk.

As for GRiZ’s set, it was impeccable.  He transitioned seamlessly between a majority of his own tracks ranging from funk, soul, hip-hop, and latin dance (not kidding. he even played an edit of “Tequila”), all with a common foundation of hard-ass electro.  There was no low point in the entire show, the energy level was either growing or maintaining an already explosive level.  If Ms. Fishnet Twerkulator is any example, the crowd really loved GRiZ’s performance.  People went especially off the wall when he wipped out his saxophone and started playing leads over his own music.  I was pretty impressed too, it was great to see such fine musicianship from a DJ using only a standard Pioneer mixer and a MIDI pad. (Akai MPD25 to be specific)

To put it simply, GRiZ’s first Manhattan gig went over extremely well.  There was not an ass in the whole room that wasn’t shaking at some point or another, and Webster Hall delivered as always with fantastic lighting and sound.  Here are some of the better shots I took from the night.





- Gavinr