Grandmum and Granddad Visit Dimitri Vegas �...


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are extremely huge overseas, especially in Europe. They destroyed Tomorrowland 2011 and did it again at this years event. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are responsible for the ‘Tomorrowland 2011 Anthem‘ and have been gradually making their way into the states while still rising to the top.

This year at Tomorrowland 2012, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike had their grandparents join them at their performance, IN THE FRONT ROW. The beautiful elderly couple came to see what the EDM movement is all about and enjoyed their first time raging with people who’ve only lived a fraction of their life time. Although they didn’t bust out aggressive dance moves and the ‘Melbourne Shuffle‘, they did laugh, smile, and pump their fists to the amazing performance.

Huh. Do you think that these dudes g-parents can even hear their music? For real though most older people’s frequency perceptions are fucked up and everything just sound like the same. No subby lows or shrieking highs just…”this isn’t jazz”. These two geezers might as well HOLY SHIT THAT LITTLE STUBBY ANIMAL DUDE JUST CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!…lost my composure…be at a frickin’ . deaf rave
How many times do you think they were offered drugs? How many times do you think they accepted? You heard my right. Or did you?

Also, look at granddad lay down the mack on that ravergirl with the “Those are our grandsons”. What he should’ve said though is “Those are MY grandsons”. Still got a HJ atleast though I bet. Look at him hold her hand and neglect the shit out of his wife. #where’syourheadat grandpa #where’syourheadat

- S