French Fries EP & Justin Martin, GoldFFi...

Dirtybird are starting to become up there as one of the my favorite record labels around. On their roster though are a Parisian duo, French Fries, who just released a preview set to their new EP ‘Space Alarm.’ Claude Von Stroke had this to say about it,

“French Fries delivers two originals on the cutting edge of modern bass. “Space Alarm” is right up in your face but artfully holds back right when you think it will go over the top. The inside “Smoke Wine” is more in the vein of last years smash “Yo Vogue” yet more understated and deep which is rare for the genre. When I play these at the right time they always solicit an audible “ooooh” from the crowd at the drops. Remix #1 is by Justin Martin who really blows it up dirtybird style with almost a breakbeat old school electro beat. Remix #2 is by dirtybird newcomers GoldFFinch via Belgium who also deliver a really funk laden club version. Both remixes are ace and the full release brings a very fresh sound to the label.”

Each one of these tracks, both originals and remixes, display a complete dirtybird weirdness that I think a lot of people aren’t exactly ready for. I will say its not for everyone, but to me if you dont keep an open mind with dance music then there is no point listening to it because its definitely one of the most rapidly evolving genres of music. Enjoy the tracks though, and cop the official releases on Halloween via beatport, and on November 13th via I-Tunes.