[French Express] Moon Boots – No One...

Anytime I see French Express put up a new track of one of their five distinct artists: Moon Boots, Perseus, Jonas Rathsman, Chris Malinchak, and Isaac Tischauer; I already know I’ll probably be posting about it. This new one comes from probably my favorite of the five, Moon Boots, an American producer who has been making massive strides in the Disco/House realm of electronic music.

After putting out blissful tracks like “Sugar” and his remix to Allison Valentine’s “Peanut Butter” theres no question he’s bringing a distinctive touch to his sound. This new one called “No One” plays on those soulful and relaxed vibes Moon Boot’s seems to encapsulate. If you’re someone like me who loves house music in every sense of the word, but sometimes needs something a little slower and more tranquil then this track is exactly what you need! Check the track out and make sure to follow Moon Boots and his label, French Express below if you like what you hear!


French Express

Moon Boots