Florence and the Machine – Spectrum REM...

I heard Calvin’s remix of ‘Spectrum’ at EDC NY and of course it was a crowd pleaser right when it began, but even though Calvin Harris represents the commercial movement of house music, I still love him as a DJ and producer. The guys been around forever making classics, and this remix shouldn’t be excluded from the bunch. Simple but sweet with its melody uplifting you and taking you off on a journey, I’d say it can brighten up anyone’s day if your into a little progressive house in the mix.

Now Maya Jane Coles is another artist who has her thing down. She knows how to set the mood in any low-key, chill situation. I think most deep house producers and DJs can agree that when you drop any one of her tracks you see some heads turn. This remix she does for ‘Spectrum’ really took me into a deep whirlwind of thoughts, so relaxed and easy to vibe to, she does a great job at playing with your emotions. Enjoy the the two remixes!