Fedde le Grand, Sultan & Ned Shepard- Lo...

Recently released to Beatport as of yesterday for purchase, this song absolutely kills it, but at this point you come to expect that from Fedde. Teaming up with Sultan & Ned Shepard, a duo he likes to showcase on his weekly “Dark Light Sessions” mixes, the three combine to create a bass filled house banger with what I think includes a nasty breakdown. The intro as well is an absolute killer, and one of my favorites I’ve heard in awhile, including a great use of vocals. The drop is heavy but keeps a smooth flow and has an upbeat feel to it, making this sure to keep your head rocking. If you are like me and can’t possibly get enough Fedde in your life, check out this song and I’m sure it will be on repeat for some time to come.

And don’t forget to listen in to his weekly “Dark Light Sessions” that are available on Soundcloud. One of my favorite things about him is his ability to spot and sign amazing new talent from around the world, which he loves to introduce to his fans through these sessions. It is a great way to hear new music on a consistent basis while at the same time enjoying what the great Fedde le Grand has to offer. He somehow manages to create great mixes on such a frequent basis, it almost forces us to come back for more.

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