The Drop Radar (December 2011): Avallo...

Its an interesting story how I came across this young, budding artist. I was spending hours searching music and I noticed on Soundcloud that Laidback Luke had commented on an “Alive” bootleg with not only support, but suggestions on how to make the sound even more crisp. When a guy like Laidback Luke is taking time out of his own music making to give someone pointers, you know there has got to be something up with this track. The second I listened to Avallo’s bootleg of “Alive” I was hooked, it literally has the perfect combination of the great essences of the original with Avallo’s own spin on the drop, which is just fantastic. I proceeded to immediately message him about talking with us at The Drop about his music endeavors and career plans, and he was glad to give us some of his time to speak. For everyone unfamiliar with Avallo please check out his soundcloud and show some support HERE. I believe this kid has the makings of the next big artist of the future in EDM, and after hearing his tracks and reading the interview you will probably see where I am coming from. Take a listen to some of Avallo’s great tracks, and check out our interview below!


PS: Dont forget to check out and download Avallo’s exclusive Mini Mix for The Drop Media!

Avallo- Mouster (Original Mix)

Avallo- Call 911 (Original Mix)

Calvin Harris feat. Kelis- Bounce (Avallo & St. ELM8 Bootleg) [Preview]

Dirty South & Thomas Gold- Alive (Avallo Bootleg)

Exclusive Mini Mix for The Drop Media- Avallo


The Drop Media: First off, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. How about you start off with a little introduction about yourself like your full name, where you are from, your musical background, and when DJing/producing became a career path for you.


Avallo: Thank you too for giving me an opportunity to tell a little about myself and to show my music. I’m Denis Farafonov, 16-year-old youngster heading from Russia. I fell in love with electronic music in 2008, when I bought a PC from my DJ friend. Its hard disk contained some cool software like virtual DJ, fruity loops and many live recordings and albums of Tiesto, Tomcraft, Armin, etc… I watched the videos again and again and was surprised about how DJ’s work with mixers and decks, so I decided to start mixing tracks. I borrowed some tracks from my DJ friend and started to mix them using my PC. I started mixing and improved my mixing ability a lot.  Later on I started to get bored of playing someone else’s tracks. I wanted to see some heads bumping while playing my tracks, so I opened FL studio for the first time, but closed it soon after. I found out it was so difficult for me so I started doing mashups using Virtual DJ. However, after a year, I got bored of all that stuff too, and opened FL again. It took me 3-4 months to get the basics of FL, with no web or YouTube videos. I pressed every button and learned what it did and so it has taken 3 years for me to get here and 11 months to start producing tracks.


TDM: I see well for you to only have been producing tracks for less than a year impresses me enough as it is. It is inspiring to see that with so little experience in terms of years working with the programs how your tracks show real professional ability. Now I have been curious since I saw your name on soundcloud, where did the name Avallo spur from? What is its significance exactly?


A: Hmm, I think it was born when I realized that my nickname “DJ Earl” was not good enough. Seriously, I wanted to mix some Steve Angello with Alesso. I don’t know, now it’s sad that my nickname is similar to Alvaro, but at the moment my tracks are more valuable for me than my nickname.


TDM: Oh I completely agree, although your artist name is important to be recognized across the globe, it is much more about creating the name through your music than anything. I see with the sound I am hearing that you are really trying to do that. Well there is always one thing we try to emphasize here at the Drop, we are always looking for songs with those heavy/hard hitting drops, what track do you feel has one of the best drops?


A: I think the biggest drop I heard is a mixture between Swedish House Mafia, Laidback Luke- “Leave The World Behind Us” and Sander Van Doorn – “Reach out.” When mixing them together it has a kind of long, sexy buildup and lovely “Leave The World Behind Us” drop. Goosebumps every time.


TDM: I can definitely see that combination being pretty deadly on the dance floor, so what is your current producing setup like? Hardware and software.


A: I don’t really use any hardware except old school Sony monitors (hello from 90-s :D), and my cheap headphones.


TDM: Who are some artists you feel you most relate to in terms of your sound, and who do you feel is the top producer in the game right now?


A: About the top producers, I think its Laidback Luke. I could say Swedish House Mafia, yes they do great, but Luke is the best. I’ll explain why, Luke helped Avicii (6) and Afrojack (11) get where they are now, so he is a talent opener. They all started from LBL.COM/FORUM .I do visit his forum every day and always get a bit of support from there.


TDM: Laidback Luke really is one of the best producers out there for sure. Seeing him live for the first time definitely changed my perspective on EDM. I actually found your bootleg of “Alive” through Laidback commenting on it, I guess he hears what I hear in your tracks for him to be giving you pointers like that. I spoke to my other partners, and we agreed that literally every track on your soundcloud were something we would definitely vibe to in the club or at a show.  How exactly would you classify your sound in terms of genre? I really notice many distinctions in all your tracks. It is as if one second you feel your listening to a straight progressive house track, and then you shock us all with your 2nd drops completely changing it up.


A: Big thanks to you guys, yes, now I’m kind of in that mixture between Zedd’s Electro and Hardwell’s Progressive. Sometimes I am only progressive, and sometimes I do more electro elements.


TDM: You seem to have a great ear for artists in the game right now, because I love the styles of both Zedd and Hardwell. I find that your drop in “Alive” really demonstrates similarities to Hardwell’s remix of “Louder” by DJ Fresh. Now are you affiliated with a certain label as of now, or are you having specific tracks placed on different labels? Also when were you first approached and how exactly?


A:  My first contract was signed recently with Harkee Records. Nicolas Strands, Moska and others have been released there as well. Now I am waiting for the contracts of some big labels, because I do some remixes for a very big person. (Secret now :D)


TDM:  Awe, well I know at some point I am going to want to find out who that secret person is, but Ill let you keep your secret for now! Anyway, since you are so young and this industry is all about travelling around the globe to perform has your family been supportive of your endeavors or are they hesitant to have you pursue the music career?


A:  My family is not supportive at all of my endeavors. They think it’s a bad idea. However, they allow me to do what I love and say, “Do all what you want, but if you get bad at school, stop it.”


TDM: I definitely agree that your school and grades are important because you never know where life might take you. Personally, I hope it takes you into the music industry because you definitely have a sound I want to continue hearing. Continue to listen to them in regard to your schoolwork though it will be worth it. However, I do hope that your parents, after hearing your music will come to your support.  Since you seem very opinionated on the different artists in the scene right now, who is a producer or even band/artist that you would like to potentially collaborate with one day?


A: My dream is to collaborate with Nicky Romero, Laidback Luke, Avicii and/or Hardwell because I learned a lot from their tracks.


TDM: Being from New York City, I constantly come across this idea that America is not up to par with Europe on the EDM scene. I personally think, at least from standpoints of New York, Miami, California etc that this is a false statement. Since you are from Russia, do you believe this to be true? And if so do you think the EDM scene will hit all of the United States eventually?


A: I don’t know much about this, but I can complain that in Russia everyone knows the word “Electro” and every “DJ” who gets FL studio, does only Electro. They do not get Progressive at all, and I hate those DJ’s who only do Electro House, because its too primitive here in Russia and too popular. For example, if you play “Levels” in your set in the club, you’ll get only 50 percent of a reaction from the crowd. If you play some stupid Russian Electro House with similar sounds everywhere, you’ll get 100% reaction. Hate that.


TDM: I find that so interesting because I feel like in the US it is the complete opposite. If you drop “Levels,” as you used in your example, in your set you will get a reaction from the crowd as if God blessed the entire club, but if you play some random, unknown electro, or tech house, then its like you said, more or less a 50% reaction from the people. Even though you are a young up and coming artist yourself, is there a DJ/producer who you feel we should be on the look out for?


A: I must say that old school guys from Laidback Luke’s forum are great to follow. Search for Revero, Moska, Dyro, Loopers, Gianni Marino, Q-co, ST ELM8, Jordan Ferrer, Mata, GTA, C6, Durt Grizzly. Its all the crew, you are welcome :)


TDM: I am really excited for you to keep up the great productions, to end our interview I would love to know some new tracks you having coming out for us to hear and when you will release them.


A: I’m now making an official remix for Static Revenuer’s new single, making a collabo with Ollie Jones, plus one original mix as well. I sent my bootleg of “Alive” by Dirty South and Thomas Gold on the EMM remix competition, supported by alexbykenzo on radio fg\fg USA, also supported by loopers. Also our (Me and ST. ELM8) new bootleg on Calvin Harris – Bounce was supported by Kid Massive and other DJs.


TDM: Sounds like you have a lot in store for us, and I can tell you right now I want to be the first to know about it so the rest of the world can start to get with your sound. I see you have done a lot in such a short amount of time and at such a young age too. The Drop Media is definitely excited for you Avallo and we hope that you are going to expand further and further. We really appreciate your time and will be constantly looking out for your next big tracks, so keep us updated and good luck!


A: Thank you too! I am excited to share my music with you all!