[Events] Bass Squad: On The Rocks: Sound Pell...

Tomorrow marks Bass Squad’s closing event of the summer, which will be their 6th event this summer season. Unfortunately I have only been able to go to one of their events over the summer, which was their first one with headliners Flosstradamus and Baauer. What a banger of a show that was, if you didn’t know about Trap music before that you sure as hell got educated afterwards.

Now the two city tycoons, Graham Fortang and Lenny Vigden (Co-Founders of Bass Squad) have yet another exciting event for people to enjoy some up and coming artists display their talents on the turn tables. With the way these two have been going at it, you can rest assure that the artists being debuted are going to blow you all away. Tomorrow the event will be held at their resident venue, Drom, down on Avenue A, so for all you people looking for some fun shit to do tomorrow night, hit up the event! Since this event sounds so enticing already, you probably aren’t trying to hesitate to buy a ticket right? Here ill make it easier for you by providing you with the ticket link directly, so cop yours here! Also some added perks to the evening, $10 beers and shots all night long, and yes this event does require you be 21+ so make sure you got one that says so…

If you are wondering who some of these guys are, LOL Boys are a duo from LA/Montreal who are slowly but surely making headway on their release into the dance music scene. Here are some tracks to check out. Their style is really unique, but at the same time definitely makes me think of Disclosure a bit, at least their latest edit they released below.

Heres a couple more..

Next on the roster is Sleepyhead, a Brooklyn based producer who seems to eat up those deep house vibes and the upbeat house music that keeps everyone dancing. At the same time though there really isn’t a way to categorize Sleepyhead’s sound because he just touches on so many different genres at once. Loving the diversity of sound in this line up Bass Squad’s got, I’m interested to see how it will all blend together tomorrow night.

And last but not least, you all should know Crisp by now if you are a true Drop fan, but if not let me give you some credentials. Crisp is a NYC native who’s been making crispy bangers since I can remember. Ever since those high school days, he’s been producing heavy hitting tracks that literally make you unsure how to even respond. The bangers just keep coming and coming, so you might as well give them a listen and check out Crisp’s set tomorrow night! Also make sure to check out the event page on Facebook and stay updated!