Dubstep Domination- xKore New EP “Full ...

xKore is relatively new on the EDM scene, but every track I hear from him has the hardest hitting dubstep you can imagine. Every drop and wobble hits like some wild beast, ready to rampage through everything that gets in its path. xKore’s first track “Full Russian” demonstrates this completely, and has with it a funky dub quality that you can lean wit and rock wit any day of the week. Heavy, heavy music is really the best way to describe any of his productions. “Otherside,” the next track on the EP, follows the same style as “Full Russian,” hard hitting drops, but with a bass line that just keeps creeping up on you.  I love the darkness these two tracks give off, perfect for anyone trying to go hard at a party or let loose in the gym. I recommend you all get your daily dose of some wobbles and download these two tracks.


xKore- Full Russian

xKore- Otherside