Dubfire – OCTVS...

Perhaps, in my opinion, the greatest techno DJ and producer of all time, Dubfire, returns to production greatness today with his track OCTVS.  Honestly, upon downloading, you may say to yourself, this siren noise is a little annoying, well thats cause unfortunately your sitting in your bedroom and not hearing Ali (Dubfire) himself pump this festival banging track through your ears.  Featured on his recent essential mix as well as in all of his recent festival and club sets, this track bangs.  A simple progressive buildup driven by sirens which make you wanna jump up.  Dubfire is one of those primo artists who just knows what he’s doing, having been producing this type of music since the 90s and being known of one of the best of all time…if you don’t like OCTVS…it doesn’t like you either!

Purchase on Beatport: OCTVS – Dubfire (Sci + Tec Digital Audio)