#DMM Eric Prydz Essential Mix (2/2/13)...

Some say Eric Prydz had the biggest year in electronic music.  His new Pryda album, the return to America (only to meet far more of a positive reaction than could have ever been imagined), and an immediate return to the top in a country he hadn’t visited in years.  On the verge of his first WMC (of course including dual Ultra Weekend performances) in 5 years, as well as being billed for Coachella, he isn’t slowing down.  Now, I am not one who agrees with him being the biggest artist of the year, but as far as those names known by all, I give him a lot of respect for a few reasons.  I admit, I have not made it out to see Prydz, Pryda or Cirez D, but I will.  Why? Because Prydz values the underground.  He knows exactly what is about to happen, he sees the resurgence of tech-house and techno into the mainstream, and will be the first to catch that wave.  His Essential Mix features pretty much all new material (mostly Pryda, but a few Cirez D gems), and although I still hope Steve Angello turns Mescal Kid on all our asses when this One Last Tour is over, Prydz may have beat him to it.  To show you what I mean, I’m also gonna include a B2B Prydz did with Adam Beyer a few years back…he’s no one trick pony…now let’s see him unleash the beast in 2013, then I’ll cop my tickets.

 Download Now: Adam Beyer B2B Eric Prydz Exit Festival (7/11/09)