Dirty Disco Vibes From Axton Frick & Bob...

Axton Frick, an up and coming producer, came out with his Passport EP on March 23rd in tribute to his going abroad from NYC to Sydney, Australia. The original takes on a slow-paced disco vibe that makes you just slowly lean back and listen to. The heavy bass and chilled out vibe makes it a must listen for any days you’re just sitting back and relaxing with friends.

Bob Gravity, a producer/DJ that I have always supported since he really started getting his music out there decided to go in on a remix of ‘Take Off.’ Bob Gravity’s remix takes on a bit of a different tone, and kicks up the tempo just a bit. I like that he holds the original vocal samples in place, and keeps that epic bass that Axton implements into the track. He hits us with a couple more disco, electric synths that raise the spirits up a bit. Finally this sick remix drops into an underground, dark club scene banger that is reminiscent of what someone like Busy P would open his set with. Its definitely worth the listen and download!


Axton Frick- Take Off (Passport pt.1)] by thedropmedia

Axton Frick – Take Off (Bob Gravity Remix) by Bob Gravity