Culture Prophet Lives!...

Seeing Culture Prophet announce their “Taking it back to 2006” show immediately brought back a fluster of memories of me searching around myspace in 10th grade downloading anything and everything I could from these guys. Or ripping around the Baltimore streets late at night with friends blasting their music from my Volvo’s speakers to the point where the mirrors outside were shaking and anything else was drowned out.

Culture Prophet’s music is unpolished, aggressive and raw. It may be the best production quality but it has that rock & roll, don’t give a fuck air to it that originally drew me to electro music and others exemplifying this sound such as Justice, SebastiAn, etc. I admittedly forgot about them as time went on and they seemed to stop putting out music, myspace died and my musical horizons expanded but as I sit here listening to Huster, I am reminded of a better more simpler time in my journey with dance music. Back when I still had an overwhelming feeling inside me every time I heard something similar to this sound, now this aggressive has some what taken back seat to the wall of noise that is avicii, SHM, etc prog. house and it’s literally everywhere.

If you’re in SC, I highly advise you to go see Culture Prophet. I would love to if I ever had the chance.

Culture Prophet – Hustler [directed by G.F. Morini] from Gian Franco Morini on Vimeo.

Really feeling their latest production called “Work”.

I forgot how good their video for “Body Singing” is. #reminiscing Most of their stuff isn’t on soundlcoud so here’s a youtube dump.

P.S. Glad to see that we both collect the same remix stems as I’ve remixed almost the same exact songs that they have.

- S