Crookers is Phra?...

The other day, the Italian production duo known as one of the earlier purveyors of mainstream electro/EDM music (their Day and Night remix had its own frickin music video) just surprised fans with this disheartening message:

Italian duo Crookers (Phra & Bot) have decided to no longer work together.
Bot is pursuing a new direction, while Phra will continue on as Crookers.

“After having worked together for more than 8 years now, the time has arrived to start exploring different directions.” Bot said.

Exciting times are yet to come and both can’t wait to show what’s in store for the future.

“We want to thank all our fans for supporting us from day one!

Don’t be sad though, a new chapter is about to begin.”

Of course, Crookers’ facebook was then blown up with complaints, sad and reminiscent messages about people’s experiences with the “old Crookers”.

Honestly, Crookers has been very sporadic with their output in the past couple of years. Their style had blatantly changed from “Knobbers”

to “That Laughing Track”.

These guys have put out an almost perverse amount of music in the past five or so years and sometimes, change is needed. I am certainly sad too, I mean this whole Bloody Beetroots/Dem Slackers thing of having a plural name but only being one dude is confusing as hell and I don’t want Crookers to join this echelon of confusion. But hopefully this will mean that we can see both producers grow in very weird cool directions that together, could’ve never occurred.

Who knows. Well to help eases the pain, Crookers/Phra has given us a free mix entitled “Don’t be sad” MIX. This mix illuminates the direction Phra is trying to take Crookers as it contains plenty of unheard originals and remixes along with some of his favorite tracks. I won’t review the mix because that’s about as classy as hitting on grieving women at a funeral, so enjoy and make judgements of it yourselves, you sickos.

Quote from Phra:

I know..yeasterday was a SAD day!
That’s why I woke up in the morning and I started to do this mix to make u feel a ‘lil bit better.
It call “don’t be sad” cause my grandmama use to say to me “don’t be sad” when I was a sad-child (but she used to say to me in Italian).
The mix is full of new stuff,from friend producers and a LOT of new CROOKERS music (or music from New Crookers).
I’ll see u in the next gigs and party with u like a stupid as usual.
Check (brand new blog) for all Crookers music,videos,news and upcoming gigs.
For now is all!
hope u’ll enjoy this mix and that this gonna makes u feel better.
Phra / Crookers

Crookers – Trillex (Fools Gold)
Slap In The Bass – Indian Legends (No Brainer Records)
Proxy – Shut Up (Sound of Stereo Remix)
A-Trak & Zinc – Like The Dancefloor feat. Natalie Storm (Shadow Child Remix)
Skitzofrenix & Jeff Doubleu – Bassline
Van Toth – Bath Salts
Crookers – A GoGo *out pretty soon
Chuckie feat. Junxter Jack – Make some noise (Crookers rmx) *out pretty pretty soon
Crookers – Giga
Stabber – S4LM4 (LuckyBeard Rec)
10 Hermitude – Hyperparadise (Ta-ku Remix)
Crookers feat. STS – Get excited
Anubi – Enfant terrible (soon LuckyBeard Rec)
Tyga Ft.Honey Cocaine – King Company


P.S. Just to rub salt in that wound. Adidas has released a video of the new solo Crooker performing and having a great time without Bot!

– <3 S