Crazy Good Mashup From Ego and Sweekah...

I got message from a unfamiliar artist, at least to me, with this new mashup to share with you all on The Drop. I am not usually one for mash ups, but wow was I taken a back by this one. Heres a little introduction to the young new artist on the block, Ego:

“A cross between hip hop and dirty house with a whole lot of bass to face, his music is definitely pumping and when dropped in a club can blow the fuck out of the whole place.
Ego’s influences are prominent in his music, a touch of Laidback Luke’s rawness, Chuckie’s catchiness and Girl Talk’s intrigue, throw in Ego-filled creativity and you got yourself a recipe for success.”

DJ Ego (Ethan G.) is an up-and-coming DJ, Producer, and Remix artist. He is a highly talented young artist who has been remixing tracks for over 7 years. His hit mashup Sexy Miami led to him getting signed to Pearlicka Records (Miami) at the early age of 18. His tracks have been played out at some of the top clubs on the east coast.

Ego is definitely stepping out into the EDM world to make a name for himself and with a 18 song mashup in less than 4 minutes, I dont think he will have many problems. The guy has already gained support from big names like 3lau, Mord Fustang, Kap Slap and FTAMPA. I am intrigued to see what more he has to bring to the table, and we at the Drop are in full support and you all should be too! Please show him some love by liking/following his fan pages, and if you’re familiar with the hype machine, give him a heart on there as well!

Internet Stars In Paris – Ego & Sweekuh Collab