Congorock- Bless Di Nation feat. Sean Paul (R...

Congorock just released a slew of remixes for his latest production, “Bless Di Nation,” which includes some personal favorite artists of mine such Fireabeatz, Torro Torro, and Clockwork. Of course Firebeatz, the rising Dutch duo, would come out with another massive remix. The duo take the beat to more extreme heights, really bringing in those uplifting progressive chords with a grinding, hard hitting bass. Extreme rave and party music become one with this remix and its certain that Firebeatz are making quite a statement with their latest productions.

Next is the Torro Torro remix, which has a more outrageous sound to it, a bit more rave with a steady tempo and build. These Canadian dudes have been making quite a wave of excitement with their novel sounds and trappy/electro drops. There’s a great sense of creativity from the two, and this remix only helps accentuate that.

Last but not least we have the stellar productions of Clockwork, or RL Grime if you didnt already know that. This is probably the most massive remix of them all, a truly unique sounding track that literally takes bass and rave to a whole new level. I love to see how Clockwork has combined a lot of his trap stylings from his alias RL Grime, and is able to mesh it into a complete electro banger! Really great stuff, check it out and enjoy!