Clouds – Consciousness EP...

Earthshattering. Is the best way to describe this new EP coming from Tiga’s Turbo Recordings. Clouds, were some of the first producers to really hold my hand and introduce me to UK Future Techno, a subgenre of EDM that is rapidly growing in popularity amongst producers as well as fans.

Clouds has grown enormously since their breakout remix of Dem Slackers’ Swagger.

You can see it in their new EP. The single ‘Consciousness’ is an apparent mix of Bass Music and New Techno as the latter’s percussion and vocal sampling fill the song but the gigantic bass & kick combo almost drown out anything else in the song. The next title ‘Sonic Swamp’ maintains a broken industrial sound that Clouds has played around with before, all before the song drops and we’re left with a phased out jungle feel for the rest of the tune. The Sunil Sharpe version of the title track, gives “Consciousness’ a more techno feel with 909′s and more industrial sounds making up the grit of the track. The Randomizer remix takes a more 90′s rave, DnB route for the remix, rounding off a diverse interpretation of the title track. And lastly, Common Bounce is another bass focused track from Clouds containing a sinister evolving bass that will get your stomach grumbling and chills running down your spine. Over all this EP is a solid purchase. Turbo Recording is a label you can trust for stellar release and innovative artists so this release fits right in line with the rest of the labels releases!

- S