Ciao Records Presents Crookers & Louis B...

Crookers have been some of the major predecessors of the rise in house music and have always been forefront, and so it’s always good to see that they are still bringing out innovative sounds to the table. Their track “STIAAH!” came out about a month ago as a free download, and that was the track that really proved to me these guys were still deep in the game. It has a deep, heavy bass line that brings trap a new name and gives me a little hope for the genre in general. “Giga A Go Go” takes on much more wild and intense vibe that is great for you fans out there that love the hard hitting Tech, Electro sounds out there.

Louis Benoit, is an unheard name in my book, but it seems they are a duo that Crookers have supported that will be releasing their debut tracks “Clark Kent” and “What’s Your Angle?” The first preview, “Clark Kent,” carries forth a tremendous bass line with some thick, funky chords that make you feel a cross between Moombahton and some real future bass music. Next, “What’s Your Angle?” has a more progressive vibe that suddenly hits and the drop is like you were just transported to a dark, techno crazed rave with no escape! Make sure to give the previews a listen and get your copy on beatport today!