Chuckie’s Back 2 Back Set with Gregor S...

Thanksgiving weekend has been jam packed with events and shows that I must say really were necessary for my break back in NYC. We all had tons of fun with friends and family, but on the night of Thanksgiving Isobe and I decided that hitting up Chuckie at Pacha NYC was a definite must-do endeavor. We arrive over at Pacha around 1 AM to hear the end of the female duo Nervo’s set, which the crowd was definitely feeling. Right as we get settled in the middle of the main floor, Chuckie graces us with his presence and starts the night off screaming out his signature line that was heard throughout the entire night, “WHO IS READY TO JUMP?” The second I heard that I knew what was coming, but at the same time Chuckie spun things in an unexpected way. He pulled out his original track “Who Is Ready To Jump” along with one of my favorite mainstream songs out right now, “We Found Love.” The combination of Rihanna’s incredible vocals, Calvin Harris’s monstrous beat for the track, and the drop of “Who Is Ready To Jump” made everyone in the club lose themselves very early on. There were even moreĀ  bangers throughout the night such as a mashup of “The Island” with Calvin’s own “Awooga.” I also distinctly remember hearing some great tracks like Avicii’s “Swede Dreams,” “Niggas In Paris” mixed with Benassi’s “Satisfaction,” Chuckie’s own remix of “Song #2″ by Blur, and Axwell’s remix of the Dirty South track “Let It Go.”

The night went on until about 5 in the morning, but we had an incredible time throughout. Isobe and I both agreed that what really made the night for us was hearing Gregor Salto and Chuckie go back to back on the last 1.5 hrs of the set. Now I had heard Gregor Salto through his track with Chuckie “What Happens In Vegas,” which on a side note was dropped instead with the lyrics of “What Happens In NY, Stays In NY,” (got to love the respect) but never knew much else about his sound or style. Coming in with a completely novice understanding of Gregor Salto made things even better. He came into his set full of spontaneity and charisma when he reached the turn tables. He broke out some great funky, tropical sounding house but even pulled in some dub which was a shock to hear at a place like Pacha NYC. Both of these DJs/producers make these performances look like the easiest thing in the world. There was never a dull moment during the night, I heard way too many tracks from Salto that I had never heard before (still hoping to find some..). Definitely need to stay on the look out for him and what hes bringing to the table. I love a guy who can spice up EDM a bit, and Gregor Salto did just that. I got a whole bunch of tracks for you all to hear out and enjoy, if you have not already had a chance to hear them, so enjoy! Oh and we have plenty of up close videos from the booth for you all to enjoy, pretty much right up there with Chuckie and Gregor Salto doing their thing. Hope you all enjoyed your thanksgivings as much as I did, we got a whole bunch more music to come this year. Keep sticking with the Drop and we’ll be here to bring you review after review, and music upon music all DAY!


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Example VS Antoine Clamaran – Changed The Tribe (Chuckie Gatecrasher Mash Up)

Blur- Song #2 (Chuckie Singapore Edit)

Dirty South- Let It Go (Axwell Remix)

Avicii- Swede Dreams

Afrojack, Gregor Salto- I’ll Be There

Gregor Salto – Paris Luanda (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix)

Missy Elliot – Pass That Dutch (Angger Dimas Bootleg)

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano- Tribeca

Chuckie, Gregor Salto- What Happens In Vegas

Afrojack, Quintino- Selecta