Chris Lake Builds Up 2012 and Tommy Trash Kil...

Chris Lake has this crazy ability that very few producers have to take your mind and genuinely play with it.  His music can warp you to another planet, one filled with glow sticks, lollipops, and a lot of CO2 + lasers.  Ending 2011 on an incredibly high note with “Sundown,” Chris opens up 2012 with a preview to a track that is going to blow us all away “Build Up.”  Going a little bit harder than usual, Lake samples his own wife’s vocals in this track, and while only leaving us with this preview, I think it’s no doubt that this track will be heard across dance floors nationwide, especially with Ultra Music Festival 2012 coming up.  Everyone’s favorite new kid on the block Tommy Trash also left us with his remix preview, so we at The Drop pretty much guarantee one or the other is gonna be up your ally!  Check it out now, with a release date of February 7th we don’t have to wait to long for this one to finally drop on our asses.

Build Up – Chris Lake

Build Up (Tommy Trash Edit) – Chris Lake