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This past Friday night Black Dada and I went back to a classic NYC rave spot we know all too well, Webster Hall for their famous Girls & Boys Fridays.  Back in August Isobe and I were looking forward to checking out the HardFest tour’s NYC stop for one artist and one artist alone, Caspa.  Unfortunately Caspa busted his ankle before the tour and had to cancel, so now he is back in the USA and I can say first hand he is back in full force.  Caspa, the self proclaimed dopest ghost of dubstep, has been in the scene since 2003, as a record label owner now (Dub Police) he has seen major success with his remixes and original productions.  It seems that Caspa, unlike your traditional dubstep artist, doesn’t need to be banging out wobbles and beeps all night long, but prefers to explore a dope range of music as long as he can make it work.  Over the course of the night I heard tracks like Major Lazer’s ‘Original Don,’ the Crooker’s ‘Bust Em Up,’ ‘First of The Year (Equinox)’ by Skrillex and of course Skream’s famous ‘In For The Kill’ Remix.  But of course Caspa also took time to highlight is own array of tracks, his underrated remix of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One,’ an incredible live bootleg of Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) and Bass Cannon (the undeniable Dubstep anthem).  Of course towards the end of the night the room went silent and on came Caspa’s infamous remix for Deadmau5 & Kaskade of ‘I Remember.’

Now if you know your Drop Media writers, you may know that I, Cuervo, am the least Dubstep inclined of the whole team.  But when I say this I mean it, Caspa is my favorite Dubstep DJ.  His own beats just seem more melodic and original than anyone else out there right now, and lets be honest the Dubstep game is blowing up bigger than any other.  Below you will find some videos of the show, tracks to check out, and of course our EXCLUSIVE NYC interview with Caspa taken right after his set.  Make sure you peep the interview, new info about the next Caspa album, a potential Rusko tour, and overall madness with the man himself ensued.  Big thank you to Caspa for taking the time to meet with us, and even bigger thanks for being such a damn fine DJ!

Caspa Official Facebook Page

Caspa Beatport Page

Caspa Official Soundcloud

Some Favorite Caspa Tracks can be found below, be sure to support this artist by checking out his Beatport Page or look him up on iTunes!

Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix) – Rusko

I beat My Robot – Caspa

One (Caspa Vocal Remix) – Swedish House Mafia Ft. Pharell

I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5 & Kaskade

Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) – TC

Bonus: Below is a video I took of Caspa dropping his Where’s My Money remix at the show!

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Caspa check out Cuervo’s exclusive NYC interview with the man himself!

Caspa: Action

The Drop Media (Cuervo): Alright well I’m Cuervo from the Drop Media and this is the one and only UK King of Grime and Dubstep Caspa, and were here to have a little chat with you, you just performed at Webster Hall New York City, absolutely smashed the set, so before we start what can you tell us about yourself, how you got started DJing, your now a huge King so whats good?

Caspa: Well I got started playing Basketball, failed cause I was too small, well shoulder injury, but anyway, played basketball, went to music, and then dubstep was like ‘I’m Here.’

TDM: How did Basketball turn into Dubstep?

Caspa: Well I was a point guard, I had done really well, and I had a scholarship to a school in Maryland, but I had a really bad shoulder injury so I couldn’t really play to much, so I was kinda interested in music and like playing all the time, so basketball went bad, fuck it just go to music.  I got into Dubstep around 2003, really early you know, I got into it and now I spin.

TDM: Well your saying you got into Dubstep back in the early days, now look at it you know 2011 about to be 2012 and I would say of all the ‘subcategories’ of house music, dubstep has, at least in America, blown up the biggest.  How has that influenced your career over the past year?

Caspa: Well I mean its the biggest genre for me, like worldwide, its the most exciting.  I mean it is kind of commercial, of course look how big its gotten, you can’t stop that, but it has roots going all the way back, so its good.  For me, like, I’m a DJ, thats what I do so I play everything.  I play like really deep stuff, right through to like Skrillex and everything else, so I love the whole sound, and I love doing it you know what I mean, I love the whole sound.

TDM: Have you found that, coming out of America at least, since in the UK it’s always been pretty popular you know electronic music in general, but coming out of America have you seen a surge in your popularity this past year?

Caspa: But of course, I mean, electronic music in America the last year and a half has blown up big time!  I do believe next year its going to take over, like full, but like really really its going to be massive!

TDM: But thats so cool, you get to ride the wave and be in that.

Caspa: Of course!

TDM: As far as your next couple of productions what do you have coming down the line?

Caspa: Well I got an album, just finished my album actually, its done, I’ve got it coming out, I can’t say what its going to go on its still pending.  But its going to come out around April, trying to make sure at least by March time.  I’m really excited man, cause I haven’t put out an album in three years.

TDM: Of course, having a full body of work must be amazing.

Caspa: Well the thing is, all these shows I’m doing, sold out or like super busy, and I aint put no tunes out in ages.  So I’m like what the fucks going on, its time.

TDM: Well my friends and I still kick it to at least the first song I knew of yours, that I Remember Remix [Deadmau5] probably, but everyone blew up with that.  Anyway do you have a particular production set up you prefer?

Caspa: I use a Mac, Logic, Reason, and I use like…thats it, samples.  Like then you got my tunes man.

TDM: And you’ve been using it so long it just feels natural?

Caspa: Most of my tunes are made with Reason, most of em, id say my first tune made on Logic was…I Remember Remix actually.

TDM:  Damn “I Remember” was the first track you made on Logic? Well that worked out pretty well. So you got the hang of that pretty fast?

Caspa: I tried! I tried!

TDM:  Now we are and we like those big, filthy, nasty, dirty DROPS, of all your tracks if you had to pick one, what has The Drop?

Caspa: Shit man…

TDM: Everyone stumbles over this one everyone has to think, but whats the biggest Drop?

Capa: That’s like saying whats your favorite cut of chicken, the breast, the legs, the fried, what are you in the mood for, breast leg or fried?  The breast is like when your hungry, the fried if your like drunk know what I mean?  And the leg if your feeling saucy, you know what I’m saying?  I’d have to say, aww man…what tune do I bang all the time?  Too many tunes!

TDM:  Are you saying Caspa, the friendliest ghost, is too big, to have one big Drop?  Is it all of them?

Caspa: I love so many tunes right now I couldn’t tell ya!  Let me think, gimme 2 seconds…cut this bit!  Ok Ill say Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World, its a new one, brand new!

TDM: And thats it your favorite Drop?

Caspa: Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World,its like hip hop meets dubstep, its massive!

TDM:  Now that sounds incredible.  As far as this new wave of artists, as we talked about house is more popular, all these young DJs coming onto the scene, I know a lot of people we have talked to in the past and beyond DJs have gone public taking on a protege.  Is there any kind of young dubstep artist your taking your wing over?

Caspa: Well my label is DubPolice/DubSoldiers so signed to my label we have Trolley Snatcha, Subscape, Emalkay, The Others and D1 I’ve got all on my own label.  And um…we actually just signed Rusko.

TDM:  Actually I wanted to ask you about that, what’s your relationship with Rusko like? How has that influenced you? I’m sure you two bounce ideas off each other?

Caspa: Its strange really, cause like I signed him to my label DubPolice, and he blew up massive. Like good for him, he moved to America, and he’s doing it big you know what I mean?  But we never really got to spend so much time together, we might get together soon though, do a tour or make some tunes.

TDM: So maybe we could see a Caspa/Rusko tour in the future?  I think, between me and you, big secret, thats going to sell out all over You might wanna make that happen!

Caspa:  It’s funny, all the time its like, lets do the Caspa/Rusko Tour, and were and I guess it just didn’t happen yet.

TDM:  A little back to back set maybe even?

Caspa: Of course! Its sounds dope you know what I mean?

TDM: Ok I got one last question for you before we sign off. Is it really true that all the bitches love you just cause you’re Caspa?

Caspa: But seriously, I’m not the best looking guy in the world…but they love me. I’m the ghostliest, beautifulist, Caspaist, gin drinkering-ist ghost in the world.  Good looks you guys nice one!



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