Can You Say Banger Bootleg? Avallo Sure Can. ...

Finally got another bootleg sent to me from our young artist of December, Avallo. The young Russian producer is making massive strides once again with his new bootleg he does alongside ST. ELM8. They create a mix between Tiesto’s “Maximal Crazy” and Tim Mason’s “Anima,” and wow it hits so damn hard! The kid clearly knows good sound and great artists’ to promote, and that’s why you all should not hesitate to listen for a second. Only downside is it’s a preview, so no download just yet! However, as soon as there is, you know The Drop will be the first to publicize it. Big up to our boy Avallo for another great banger track to share with you all, enjoy!


Tim Mason vs TiŃ‘sto – Maximal Anima (ST. ELM8 & Avallo Bootleg)(Preview)