[Bromance Records] Brodinski – Late Nig...

You may have already heard about/heard/this, I know my twitter feed was blown the fuck up over this mixtape this past day or two. I expected it would be good, no surprise there. But I finally got around to listening to it and wow…this dude is such a good selector. I think taste and variety is highly under appreciated with DJing right now, (speaking mostly from my experience in the US) DJs are just playing their top songs and other big songs to get a more mass crowd appeal. I see this a the ‘festival state of mind’. This was the exact ase at Ultra last year. It was Knife Party in literally everyone’s sets. The only DJs I was really impressed with were not surprisingly, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein.

Brodinski just knows how to curate his set to throw current music from all genres in there so that you stay on your toes as a listener and just as you the techno gets tedious, he can switch to the hip hop or ease in some garage, etc. Great DJ. I’m so glad he’s now on IN NEW DJ’s WE TRUST.

I do trust you Brondinski. I trust you to keep bringing the tuuuunes!

- S

P.S. So glad this new soundcloud got on their shit and lets you snag album art again. It was getting annoying search for it otherwise before.