Brodinksi – Bromance #7...

In case you missed it: Bromance Records just released Brodinski’s first solo EP on the label aptly titled’Bromance #7″.

The first song is a sample heavy, headbobber of a track. Very much experimental with Brodinski-branded risers, samples and a an evolving almost pervasive vocal track on top of it all.

Track 2 starts out with a very exotic build up and promplty drops into a club-ready big room-esque tune. I can see this one blowing up dancefloors for the rest of the year.

Overall the EP is a little less dark than most of his previous work but still manages to retain that Brodinski sound. Glad to see the head of Bromance has finally put something out too! And as usual, there is some very interesting artwork to accompany the songs.

‘Dance Like Machines’ is inspired by lapdance & strippers, as Brodi explains, “this track is the result of many hours spent in strip clubs and Faber Yayo saying that we pretty much dance like machines. I’m in love with those girls who give you pretty much everything by dancing. Everlasting dreams.”

‘Hypnotize’ “is a proper club track, with a little bit of acid for the win. Nothing else. Play it loud and you’ll see”

- S