Bob Gravity- Nobody (Feat. Nandi) – Ori...

There’s definitely a time and a place to get deep, but for me thats most of the time so this new one Bob Gravity put out has me on repeat mode. A slow, smooth, but heavy bass line along with some darker synth work succinctly go together in a soothing fashion. ‘Nobody’ is Bob’s latest work that hes officially debuting on his soundcloud, trust me its been awhile since I’ve heard some new stuff from him so im excited. No word yet on any official release dates, but for now hes streaming the full track for everyone out there who’s down to listen, so check it out. Deep House is widening its scope in the music world, and more and more people are getting into the spirit. I can tell you Bob is definitely a rising star in the scene and is going to be releasing some more works soon, so stay tuned!