Birdy Nam Nam – “Goin’ In&#...

I’ve written about Birdy Nam Nam, the french DJ collectivebefore. They’re dope, everyone thinks so, even Skrillex. “it’s fucking the best live show I’ve ever seen. Oh, my God. There are some live videos, but you have to see them live”Read more

Well, good ole Skrillex seems to like BNN soooo much that he actually just signed them to his OWSLA label with plans to release their first EP, ‘Jaded Future’ in four days (July 17th). And to help the cause, Sonny has remixed one of the released songs ‘Goin In’ not just once but twice. Skrilly has jumped onto the Trap House bandwagon (Yay!) and created a Trap version and a dubstep version of the single.

I originally was going to add these to my “More Trap” post that I did earlier today however, I then listed to a couple of other remixes of this song and realized that it needed a dedicated post on its own. Along with Skrilly’s remixes are too great remixes by French Fries & Noob.

Also, it looks like there’s a nice lil’ video accompanying the music.

- S