Big Sean – Dance Ass (Red Mob Remix) &#...

As soon as I saw Big Sean and Ass on my email, I was definitely interested. Well as if the song on its own didnt get the party bumping, this new drumstep remix is sure to hit even harder. The remix is done by Red Mob, the side project of Midnight Conspiracy’s Mikul Wing and Spencer Lemi Vice. The track was described to me as a “heavy hitting bass mixed with filthy lyrics in this Dance A$$ remix, sure to get the dance floor moving and the ladies shaking it. This marks the 4th crunkstep remix from Red Mob with originals soon on the way.” I can tell that Red Mob is on their way to busting out some serious heavy sound for all of us in the near future, and this is a testament to that. Listen to the track and try not to jump into any walls, or allow any young children to see your reaction to this drumstep banga!


Big Sean – Dance Ass (Red Mob Remix)