Big Gigantic, Crizzly & Spurge Carter @ ...

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This is pretty much some shameless self-promotion because I’ll be opening up BUT I want to raise awareness about this upcoming show also because these are two stellar acts stopping in North Carolina which doesn’t always get a lot of love in the American tour rotation (the usual NYC, LA, Miami, etc) so when great acts come through, everyone should take advantage and be in attendance.

I’m pretty self-explanatory. If you saw my set before Adventure Club last year, you saw how dope that was and this go round it’ll be even better. I have new toys and my controller isn’t going to bug out right before I hit the stage this time (I was figuratively shitting my pants…). I have a few remixes and tons of original track that I’m dying to try out in a more club setting, so get pumped for that.

Crizzly, I saw open up for Zed’s Dead in Charlotte last year and this dude killedddd it. His own branded style of “crunkstep” got me so hyped and I can imagine he’s been very aware of the Trap invasion on EDM music and taken that into account. So I’m expecting a very hyphy set from Crizzly with a mix of trap and dubstep tunage.

He actually has a new remix premiering today so keep a look out for that!
Lil Flip – The Way We Ball (Crizzly RMX)

And lastly, we have Big Gigantic. Who over the past year have been striving for the title of festival legends. The reason why Big G seems to be such a live music experience besides their intense light show and insane visuals:

(keep in mind that these videos the light show seen is the exact one that is going to be at Ziggy’s = wild), is because of their fusion between live music performance and the EDM concert experience. If we were to take the best from jam band and dubstep concerts and add them together, this would be the most accurate way to describe a Big G concert. I mean look at Dominic’s veins as he’s blowing that saxophone with all of his might. And Jeremy’s drum playing only further heightens the energy of the performance.

For students this is the week before most Thanksgiving breaks so you shouldn’t have too much work or obligations. Everyone should come out and have a good time one to just self-indulge in a great experience but also to support the music, because if more people show
interest and support, venues like Ziggy’s notice and will look to bring in more similar and popular acts so that Winston-Salem or North Carolina in general can be more of frequent stop for a lot of artists.

Tickets are only $16. Order them here: Ticket Link

Let’s make this a crazy show!

- S