Bare Noize – Prepare To Die EP...

Bare Noize is a dubstep producer that I definitely can wobble to. I think he has a unique style that does not make him just sound like generic dubstep that we usually hear. I used to think dubstep was all the same thing, but really over the years it has just grown on me into something that really shows true talent and artistic form. This EP, “Prepare To Die” came out recently and its definitely something a dubstep lover will enjoy. Theres two tracks on this one, “Prepare To Die” and “Twilight Zone,” both of which pack a huge punch. I must say I think “Twilight Zone” has a more intense and monstrous sound to it, which I enjoy more. Check out both and see what your feeling.


 Bare Noize- Twilight Zone


Bare Noize- Prepare To Die