Avicii Remixes Madonna & Lenny Kravitz! ...

Now I think I can speak for the entire Drop Crew on this one, but we are all pretty much over the Avicii craze that swept the nation this past year. No question the man has made some impeccable tracks and remixes, and should be respected as an influential artist of the EDM scene. However, I do feel people need to open their eyes and ears more to some of the other incredible artists out there. I did not go to see Avicii at Ultra this year, purely because I myself have seen him many times. After reviewing the set he put on at Ultra, I did however, find that he has two new remixes that are sure to hit the web pretty soon.

The first is his remix of Madonna’s ‘Girls Gone Wild,’ which after her announcing “where is molly?” and apparently getting the crowd ready to roll their faces off, set the scene for this debut remix. The uplifting synths that Avicii seems to effortlessly put forth are still present in the remix, but I am happy to see that he was able to bring in a bit more electro qualities to the song. The energy and pumping bass make this track a must have at any party or event. I think you will all enjoy it and agree that Avicii hasn’t lost all his gusto yet. I hope to see that continue in the future for him. The next remix is of Lenny Kravitz song ‘Superlove.’ Sadly there is only a short, live rip of Avicii debuting the remix to Ultra. The remix has a cool, chilled out tempo that rises up into a poppy, dance-filled track. I’d say you should definitely take a listen to both of these new remixes, and await their download! Ill be here to inform you all once I know.