Avallo- 24 Hours EP! Free Downloads!...

I am really pumped to be writing this article up because I saw today that the young 17 year old, Russian producer that I have had my eye on for quite some time has released his latest EP, 24 Hours. First track off the EP, is a bootleg of Adele’s classic ‘Someone Like You’ where Avallo lengthens the song and puts a completely progressive house spin to it. The builds and breakdowns are so reminiscent of the subtle, soulful, and blissful sound that Adele brings to music. Beauty in the vocals and the beast lays within Avallo’s mastery of house productions. This is a must listen.

The next track is an original from the young artist, which he titles ‘Chocar.’ Chocar in Spanish means to bump, strike or collide. I’m not positive if that is what he was going for, but the original sure does bump and strike my ear drums with some heavy, anthem-like synths that draw me into the music. As you feel the second breakdown, it goes into a techno, almost Boys Noize-esque feel and that is enough to get any true EDM lover’s ears tingling. My favorite thing about Avallo is his ability to combine diverse genres of EDM. He’ll take something that sounds straight progressive and blend it into an upbeat techno drop that throws you completely off, in the best way possible. This track really exemplifies that to me.

Hey did you think I was finished? Nah, I got one more brand new original from young Avallo that goes by the title ‘Roselia.’ Pumped up beats to build you up, which quickly rise into an energetic drum kit. The track slowly winds down into an uplifting progressive gem once again. The piano hits you and lets ecstacy take over as your seratonin levels are rising without taking any pills with an Optimus Prime symbol on it. Please let yourself hear this fantastic new EP, and download at will because its all for FREE!


24 Hours EP by avallo