Artist Spotlight: David Attal...

Here at The Drop Media we are always looking for new up-and-comers to get hyped about because, well, what’s more exciting than tracking a really talented artist as they climb the ladder of musical success?

This week we’ve decided to focus on truly the biggest progressive house sound coming out of Brooklyn right now. His name is David Attal. His sound is fucking massive. He’s brand new. And he’s got shows booked with Gareth Emery, The Chainsmokers, Ben Gold, and Michael Woods for the month of July. Let’s just say it’d be a mistake to sleep on this guy. Don’t let social media presence fool you, just because he doesn’t have 1000+ facebook likes yet doesn’t mean he won’t get there. Very. Soon.

Be sure to catch one of Attal’s sets at either Bounceboat 7/19 (an amazing dance party on a one thousand person yacht that cruises around Manhattan) or Governor’s Island on 7/6 alongside Gareth Emery.

Here’s David Attal’s Soundcloud

Tickets for Bounceboat can be purchased here.