Afrojack Might Not Be Selling Out After All...

Now I seriously had my doubts about Afrojack, last time I heard the dude was making a song with Paris Hilton. I dont know about you guys, but Paris Hilton is definitely not my kind of music. She should not even have songs recorded let alone be allowed to have great producers like the Jack go in on the beat. I recently came across this new exclusive track that he seems to have put out, which is called “Lion Heart.” Now I am sorry to say this is a rip, so the quality is not excellent, but you can definitely still hear the essence of the sound Afrojack is bringing. He lets the progression go for awhile, bringing a nice melody that gets you pumped up along his signature vocals always preparing you for the drop about to commence. I am not going to say this is the most amazing track Afro’s ever put out, because it’s most definitely not. I just think it’s nice to see the man showing us he has not lost his touch. Check it out though and hear for yourself.


Afrojack- Lion Heart (Exclusive Preview)