About TDM


The Drop Media strives to give users a plethora of music that is commercial as well as underground or new for those upcoming DJs that are trying to rise up in the ranks of the music scene. The significance of “The Drop” comes from the idea that every single song, at least in the electronic world has an essential “drop” in the song. Once that bass hits and you hear the way the artist has articulated his/her sound, the drop is what defines your overall feeling towards the song. Every one of us knows that as we are listening to the beat rise we are all in great anticipation for what comes next. Once that drop hits, you know that your either rocking hard or letting yourself just drift to the beat. This website is here to give you only those sounds that will keep you going till the sun comes up. So enjoy and we hope you support the music we bring you!

Disclaimer: All of the music files featured on this site are for sampling and promotion only. If you like any of the songs, please go out and support the artists by buying their tracks/albums and going to their events. If you are the owner of a music file or picture featured on this site and would like it removed, please contact us at rothedropmedia@gmail.com

The Drop Crew

Rohan Wijegoonaratna (CEO&Founder): I am Rohan Wijegoonaratna aka Ro on the blogosphere and grew up out in New York City. I got into house music early in high school through a close producer friend of mine. After that I was hooked and have loved the music ever since. In the spring of 2011 I decided to create The Drop Media, at first as simply just a blog, but it has now grown into a company that keeps people updated on all things related to dance music: news, music, events, interviews, and reviews. We also have become an event planning company whose goal is to release new and unknown talent to the decks.

Joe Kaufman (Chief Marketing & Social Media Officer): My name is Joe Kaufman, born and raised in NYC, and to me House Music is all about digging deeper. For The Drop Media I help coordinate press, utilize twitter to keep you all busy, and of course I interview and write. When I say digging deeper I don’t mean you just discovered your first underground record and you want show all your friends cause you found it first. What I mean is taking that record, then googling the record label, then finding another artist you love and so on and so forth. I try to bring that passion that only crazy guys like me share to you, making it a little bit easier. Don’t stop listening just because you finally like what everyone else is listening to, go like something unique to you, and show them why its good.

Spurge Carter (President): I am 20 year old opinionated DJ & Producer. I want to make people feel what I did the first time I truly heard music. Find out more at http://soundcloud.com/spurgecartermusic

Peter Doscas (CFO & Staff Writer): I am Peter Doscas, but you know me as Petey. I write for the site and also work behind the scenes making sure we can pay for all of this. I’ve grown up loving music, dabbled in DJing like every fan does, but now I’m a full time student of house music. I like a menagerie of styles, and whatever catches my eye will be sure to catch yours on my next post. Until then, stay classy my friends.

Ben Santoleri (Staff Writer): I am Ben Santoleri AKA Santo around the site, and I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I’m a staff writer for The Drop Media. and I’ve been Djing as a hobby for a while and have recently been delving into producing as well. I’ve been into music since I can remember. My former instrument of choice was guitar, which occupied most of my musical attention from grade school though high school, where I was a guitarist in a band a couple friends and I started dubbed Waffle Shirt Wednesdays. It was around midway through high school when my musical tastes started shifting towards electronic music, and I was exposed to the world of EDM. Simply put I love music and love sharing music with other people. There’s nothing like living vicariously through someone else when they hear a favorite track of yours for their first time.

Sebastien Kamyab (PR & Event Marketing Manager): I’m Sebastien Kamyab, event planner and PR manager for the Drop. I grew up outside Philly but my French heritage opened up the world of Electro early on. I didn’t really discover house music until early high school where I developed my obsession over the house music culture. For me dance music is all about the party and my goal is to make sure everyone gets to experience one. I want to provide people with the biggest and wildest parties of their lives.

Artist Roster

Bob O’toole (aka Bob Gravity)