A New Kid On The Block- John Barry- Lazers (O...

The Drop Media has been fortunate enough to come across a young new producer who is right out where I am residing, good ole Winston Salem, NC. The Wake Forest community (yes I go to college guys) let alone the entire state of North Carolina is severely behind on the EDM scene and its just been nice to find some people who appreciate the music like I do. Now let me give you a little background on John Barry. Hes a native NC resident from Charlotte and has been doing DJing and production for about five years. Hes performed events at Platinum Night Life Club, a ton of sorority functions out here at Wake, Winston-Salem high school events, and has been booked to play at UNC this spring for a fraternity. He has also entered into the UMF 2012 DJ Competition, so after hearing some of his tracks show some support! John is not just a one man show, he also has a collaborative duo with his boy Brooks and they both form the JBW Experiment. Mostly they started making actual original tracks and remixes, mostly hip-hop and electronic music, and selling them to kids at their high school. These two are definitely passionate and committed to their craft, and I for one wish more people out here were like that. John sent me over his most recent production, he specifically produces mostly big-room house, progressive, and electro house. “Lazers” is a great track and you want to know why? Because I finally get to hear a progressive house track that can bust out some RAVE sound. Don’t get me wrong, I love the uplifting, sensual, and upbeat progressive tunes; but when you can add some obscure, dark, ravy sound into the mix it just provides for a deadly combination on the dance floor. Look out for more from John Barry, ill be posting up his upcoming productions soon enough, so enjoy this fresh track!


John Barry- Lazers (Original Mix)